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February 10th to March 11th, 2004
“Printer Proofs: Printmaking in Progress”
A group exhibition showcasing the development of a print. Featuring works by
Tony Fitzpatrick, Alexis McQuilkin, Angee Lennard, Stina Kaz, Daniel Zaretsky, Dolan Geiman, Elke Claus, Frol Boundin, Glenn Hendrick, Glenn Wexler, James Beckman, Jamie Bilgo
Jess Ferrone, Karin Patzke, Kumiko Murakami, Lauren Anderson, Michael Pajon , Scott Whipkey, Dora Lisa Rosenbaum, Maria Marchenkova, Mark Phillips

December 10th to 31st, 2004
“Who Makes Self Portraits in 2004?”
All self portrait photography with Robert Rainey, Robin Hann, Ken Fandell, Sabrina Raaf, Jen Davis, Christine Reinsch, Kerry Skarbakka, Jenny Lynn, Liz Nielsen, Marc Leblanc, Jason Lazarus.
Agust 13th to 28th, 2004
The Pencil Show
Pencil drawings by Aya, Faten Kanaan, and Stephen Eichhorn.
July 3rd - 24th, 2004
Music for Shattered Light Box and 7 Posters
Images and installation by Rob Mazurek, 9 channel sound installatioin by Raymond Salvatore Harmon, and video by Alan Licht
May 8th to June 4th, 2004
Installation by Huong Ngo Opening reception May 8th 7-11pm
May 1st, 2004
Digital Disobedients
Presentation by Elisa Harkins & The Yes Men (part of Digital Disobedients show). The Yes Men have impersonated some of the world's most powerful criminals at conferences, on the web, and on television, in order to correct their identities. Special appearances by Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum!
March 12th to 27th, 2004
A Great Midwestern
Peter Haakon Thompson, Tema Stauffer,
Jim Finn, Deborah Stratman, Craig Prehn
October 3rd to October 26th, 2003
A solo exhibiton by Doug Fogelson
February 15th, 2003
eskimo show
Realizations of futuristic and contemporary eskimo life.

March 1st to April 6th, 2002
Blue Blood Blue Collar

Group show curated by Maire Kennedy and Meg Duguid featuring Angela Altenhofen, Matt Bandsuch, Diego Bobby, Elizabeth Buchanan, Cat Chow, Kim Collmer, DAG, Eduardo De Soignie, Genevieve Dione, Stephanie Dotson, Derek Erdman, Gabriel Fowler, Rhonda Gates, Meredith Grover, Diana Guerrero-Marcia, Athur Jones, Larry Lee, Jessica Peterson, Cynthia Plastercaster, Carter Potter, Jason Salavon, Melissa Shubeck, Ben Skinner, Dana Sperry, Brian Taylor, Heidi Van Wieren, Marie Walz, Sarah Wild, Michael Wolf, and Siebren Versteeg.

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