here is what is going on:
as of today.

brandon alvendiaz is in los angeles filming a sunrise.
it will play during the jazz set. as a projection. so
i will need the projector.

the only scenery is a futon. which i will be on. my
mom knows one of the best quilters in the country and
i may get her to display a quilt. her quilts go for 10
grand a piece and it would be nice to sell one.
angela mobley returns the 13th to edit brandon's video
and other stuff i am taking. we may edit in the piece
i did with saic instructor jeff callen. depends if i
get ahold of him.

maria la creta is still flying in from boston and is
still jumping out of a cake and reciting a poem in
italian. she might chase me around with a squirt gun

i am still using her 1954 image for the cards but they
will probably be late as no one has $$ to print cards.
i feel guilty but i had to beg some guy to give me
and take advantage of his crush on me.the jazz set consists of 7 songs for 7 deadly sins.
theda tech is still in. as some performer.

jason ajemian is still on, has promised one dress
rehersal, a bass, a sax, and a drummer. also we all
need one dress rehearsal.

i lost adam scott's e-mail but i wanted to video
dialouge with him acting and also some stuff here in

my dad built me shoes and is helping build a cardboard
cake. my mom and dad are hooking me up with their
mormon friends to help me with translating into
mandarin for that part.
there will be no ice dress. i will save that for
another show. teri danai is helping of course, man, she is such a
great help.

the script goes:dream sequence: thu vu as that famous vietnamese poet
who wrote the jackfruit poem

maria la creta as vittoria pompeli jumping out of a

video sequence


food and refreshments.

not in that order necessarily.

uh, we could webcam the show? > ? if i could get some
support? hmmm. please don't forget to call artbeat.
please. don't forget to call artbeat. we could stage a
good potlatch performance too. you know, the thing,
where people walk around with my paintings.