Tribune May 14th, 2004
"Escape: Attempts at Living," a unique exhibit up this month at Wicker Park's Heaven Gallery, illustrates in three dimensions a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the modern stasis between politics and paranoia, while exaggeratedly answering the urban population's unwitting need for protection. - Lauren Viera (see also UR Chicago May 6th, 2004)
Critics Choice Chicago Reader February 5th, 2004
"...so popular that the organizers have scheduled an encore screening." -Jonathan Rosenbaum
Anthem Magizine Issue #10 June 2003
"A survey of Wicker Park cultural institutions would not be complete without mentioning the Heaven and Buddy complex ..." -Liz Mclean Knight
Chicago Tribune Febuary 20th, 2004
"...a fascinating array of 2-D, 3-D and interactive works." -Lauren Viera
New City March 18th, 2004
"Heaven has long staked both its countinued operation and artistic reputation on a messy, clutish program of streetworthy work that winces at any highfalutin' notions of fine art." -Michael Workman

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